Die Wikingerzeit Gotlands IV:3

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Die Wikingerzeit Gotlands IV:3


Soft cover
120 pages

Lena Thunmark-Nylén

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Die Wikingerzeit Gotlands, no. 7

Listen, Literatur, Abkürzungen, Word-List. The Viking Age Artefacts from Gotland in Swedish and foreign museums are described. The material is sorted according to parish and findspot (church and churchyard; farmsteads alphabetically; bog finds; the parish without defined findspot). The inventory numbers are sorted in the following order: SHM, KMK, GF, other Gotlandic collections, other Swedish museums, museums outside Sweden. The find circumstances of the objects or complexes are given. The objects (with type numbers) of the most important categories are collected in 47 find lists (for instance, penannular brooches, dress pins, knives, swords, horse equipment, vessels). In a short word list the most important terms are translated from German into English and Swedish.