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The Anglo-Scandinavian Coinage c. 995-1020

Brita Malmer

Commentationes de Nummis Saeculorum IX-XI in Suecia Repertis. Nova Series, no. 9

This series is published together with the Stockholm Numismatic Institute at Stockholm University.

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9. Brita Malmer, The Anglo-Scandinavian Coinage c. 995-1020. 1997. ISBN 91-7402-271-7.

In preparation:

3. Kenneth Jonsson, Finds of Viking-Age Coins in Sweden.

5. Gert Rispling, Arabic and Pseudoarabic Coins in Swedish Viking-Age Finds. Catalogue.

8. Alexei V. Fomin, Four Russian Ninth-Century Hoards with Arabic Coins.

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11. Vsevolod M. Potin, Evgenij N. Nosov und O.V. Ovsjannikov, Der Fund von Archangelsk mit westeuropäischen Denaren.

12. Nikolai Kotljar, Albina Medyntseva and Elena Melnikova, The Grivnas in the Burge Hoard.

13. Thomas S. Nooman, Dirham Hoards from Medieval Western Eurasia, c. 700-c. 1100.
The Anglo-Scandinavian Coinage c. 995-1020

ISBN 9174022717

Hard cover

634 pages

Published 1997

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