Olav den helige i medeltida bildkonst

Legendmotiv och attribut

SEK 265

Stjernsund i Närke

Slottet och godset

SEK 240

The Early History of the Swedish Avifauna

A review of the subfossil record and early written sources

SEK 265

The Neolithic of South Sweden


SEK 233

The Oriental Mounts from Birkas Garrison

An expression of warrior rank and status

SEK 191

The Queen Lovisa Ulrika Collection of Numismatic Literature

An Illustrated and Annotated Catalogue

SEK 354

The Secrets of Ancient Corn Measures

Hidden and Forgotten Space Geometry

SEK 127

Årsbok 1997

SEK 170

Årsbok 1998

SEK 170

Årsbok 1999

SEK 170

Årsbok 2000

SEK 170

Årsbok 2001

SEK 170