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Sveriges Kyrkor

In the series Sveriges kyrkor, konsthistoriskt inventarium, an extensive amount of churches are surveyed and documented. Each church building and its history together with the furnishings and decorations is analysed in text, illustrations and architectural drawings. The churches art inventory project was initiated in 1912 by the former Director-General of the National Heritage Board, Sigurd Curman, and Johnny Roosval, Professor in the history of art.

Different publishers for the volumes in the series: The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities (KVHAA), the Swedish National Heritage Board (RAÄ) or Upplandsmuseet.

Storage and distribution: The printed version of SvK is available partly at KVHAA’s distributor (, partly at various museums (see the list). Digitisation of the series is made by the Swedish National Heritage Board, a number of volumes are available for downloading at (search for “Sveriges Kyrkor”).