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Trust and Confidence in Scientific Research

Göran Hermerén (red.), Kerstin Sahlin (red.), Nils-Eric Sahlin (red.)

Konferenser, nr 81

TRUST IS HARD TO EARN and easy to lose. This is well-known. Public trust in research is decreasing - why? Is it a problem? Have ghostwriting, salami publications, misconduct and distrust something to do with this loss? Is the reason simply that contemporary science seems to focus on productivity more than creativity?

From various perspectives the papers and presentations in this volume focus on the ways in which factors affecting distrust and trust, including criteria of quality, are identified, measured and dealt with by universities and other institutions. But the authors do not merely identify a set of problems. They also discuss what is currently being done - and what could and should be done - to deal with the problems.

Editors: Göran Hermeren, Kerstin Sahlin & Nils-Eric Sahlin. The volume is a collection of n papers and presentations by participants in a symposium at Kungl. Vitterhetsakademien (The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities).
Trust and Confidence in Scientific Research

ISBN 9789174024166


92 sidor

Utgiven 2013

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