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Tears, Sighs and Laughter

Expressions of Emotions in the Middle Ages

SEK 235

Text, tal och tecken

Några perspektiv inom språkforskningen

SEK 148

The Archaeology of Skedemosse II

The votive deposits in the Skedemosse fen and their relation to the Iron-Age settlement on Öland, Sweden

SEK 233

The Archaeology of Skedemosse IV

The Iron Age Settlements of the Skedemosse Area on Öland, Sweden

SEK 127

The archaeology of Skedemosse. III

Die Knochenfunde von Säugetieren und vom Menschen

SEK 138

The Birgittine Experience

Papers from the Birgitta Conference in Stockholm 2011

SEK 235

The Dovring Saga

A story of academic immigration

SEK 234

The dynamics of law-making

A World History

SEK 360

The Early History of the Swedish Avifauna

A review of the subfossil record and early written sources

SEK 265

The Eufemiavisor and Courtly Culture

Time, Texts and Cultural Transfer

SEK 235

The Gallery of Charles XI

at the Royal Palace of Stockholm - in Perspective

SEK 265

The Havor Hoard

The Gold - The Bronzes - The Fort

SEK 265

The Language of the Oldest Runic Inscriptions

A Linguistic and Historical-Philological Analysis

SEK 138

The Neolithic of South Sweden


SEK 233

The New Era

The Reformation of the late Anglo-Saxon Coinage

SEK 233

The Old Kingdom Cemetery at Hamra Dom


SEK 170

The Oriental Mounts from Birkas Garrison

An expression of warrior rank and status

SEK 191

The Power and the Glory

The Sculptures of the Warship Wasa

SEK 233

The Pre-pottery Stone Age of Eastern Middle Sweden

Sjövreten-Hagtorp-Östra Vrå-Överråda

SEK 106

The Pufendorf Lectures

Annotations from the teaching of

SEK 235

The Queen Lovisa Ulrika Collection of Numismatic Literature

An Illustrated and Annotated Catalogue

SEK 354

The Secrets of Ancient Corn Measures

Hidden and Forgotten Space Geometry

SEK 127

The Slavic Literatures and Modernism

A Nobel Symposium August 5-8 1985

SEK 191

Thorilds Stellung

in der Geistesgeschichte des achtzehnten Jahrhunderts, 51:1

SEK 127

Ting och tanke

Ikonografi och på liturgiska föremål

SEK 233

Tio forskare om Bellman

Föredrag vid Vitterhetsakademiens symposium 15-17 september 1976

SEK 106

Tolkning och tolkningsteorier

Föredrag och diskussionsinlägg vid Vitterhetsakademiens symposium 17-19 november 1981

SEK 138

Topografiska stadsundersökningar

1. Söderköping

SEK 127

Tradition and Modern Society

A Symposium at the Royal Academy of Letters History and Antiquities, Stockholm, November 26-29, 1987

SEK 138